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We offer our clients stretch ceilings in Riga from leading European manufacturers. 
The materials we use comply with European standards and are certified in the European Union. 
A rich palette of colors and textures will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding client, and a flexible system of discounts and various promotions will help people with any budget to transform their home.
For your convenience, we are ready to develop a design project for your interior, and our experienced craftsmen will bring your plans to life.
From us you can easily order and buy a stretch ceiling in Riga and the region, for this you just need to call us on the phone: +371 22469222



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Service options from EUROdizains specialists

repair from 80 euro/m2

Repair of the "standard" class is carried out using building materials and equipment of average consumer level and includes such works as:

After such renovation, the apartment is completely ready for living. The customer is provided with a wide selection of color solutions for walls, flooring colors, kitchen facades and interior doors.

repair from 120 euro/m2

List of works of the Premium class repairing:

An apartment in which your soul and body can really rest, could be called an ideal housing. The view of the apartment should be pleasing the eye of the owner, and the atmosphere should allow you to relax and fully rest. If you want to live in comfort, choose Premium-class renovation

repair from 180 euro/m2

What is a VIP class 'Turnkey' apartment renovation? This is not just a change of wallpaper, installation of a stretch ceiling, installation of new plumbing; when we say VIPclass, we mean a set of works, which includes:

Elite apartment renovation in Riga can be carried out both in old houses and apartments, and also in new buildings.

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